What’s stopping you reaching your full potential?

What’s stopping you reaching your full potential?

Are you reaching your full potential in work or business at the moment?

If not — do you know why not?

Because we let barriers get in the way to us taking big bold steps. These barriers that I see regularly in clients and conversations I’m having with entrepreneurs and those within corporate careers can keep us feeling stuck — or even worse, can stop us taking a step at all into something a little scary, but infinitely more rewarding that what we are doing currently.

So we remain in our comfort zone — but somehow feeling unfulfilled.

Let me explain more.

3 frequent barriers that I see clients facing are:

1. Analysis paralysis (aka research paralysis) — when we are faced with a big decision, or daunting step, many of us default to researching more and more, or studying for more qualifications and certificates. We feel like if only we can read enough about the subject or get one more qualification, this will make the step a bit less daunting.

2. Questioning if we are up to it — whether we are thinking about moving careers, applying for a more senior role, or launching a new business, sometimes that small but persistent voice of self doubt can kick in. Can I really do this? What will other people think? What if I make a fool of myself?

3. Unable to see the wood for the trees — in a stressful or scary situation, our brains can be bombarded with the “what if’s”, multiple options or huge list of tasks needed (for example to set up a new business). It can feel overwhelming and difficult to work out where to start first.

Any of this sound familiar?

Whether you’re experiencing 1 or all 3 of the above, the results are the same — worry and often inaction.

And yet, inside you sits that glimmer of an idea or dream. Refusing to give up!

So how can you overcome these barriers to your success?

1. Measure your progress & celebrate small successes

Set target date milestones and metrics on how you will gauge your progress towards your dream (whether that’s applying for a new job, researching your options (within reason! — see no.1 above) or starting your new business).

Work out which metrics you will use — your goal should be to break steps down into small chunks and more regular milestones. This will allow you more regular celebration of your progress!

Ensure you take action on your idea every day. Complete at least one thing daily to move your idea forward. Build momentum.

2. Set yourself some research parameters

We have all heard of “Dr Google” or “death by google” — does this sound familiar? If you are someone who loves to turn to google and has the tendency to fall down the rabbit hole — set yourself some parameters for your research — for example, you’ll seek advice only from approved bodies, or are seeking the answer to one specific question. Beware of chat rooms — these will often provide questionable or opposing advice.

Knowing when to stop is a good approach. Once you have secured good advice from reputable resources and feel you have enough to make an informed decision — stop googling!

3. Just do it!

There is no “perfect time” to look for a new career, apply for a job or launch a new business, product or service.

Many people get caught in the trap of wanting to have everything ‘just right’ before they leap — wanting to have the best time, opportunity or weather conditions possible — however perfection is simply an unattainable goal.

If you have a great idea and have identified that there is a need for it — then JUST DO IT!

By being aware of these barriers, we can learn to side step them or use them as a spring board to increased self awareness and to taking action.

Liz Hamlet is a Success Coach & Business Mentor. She is Founder of Spark Succeed Coaching & Consulting. She helps budding entrepreneurs turn a killer business idea into a reality, and helps established businesses to scale up.

Cover photo — by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

Success Coach & Business Mentor. Founder of Spark Succeed Coaching & Consulting Ltd. Podcast host — ‘How to Spark Success’ & ‘Lockdown… and THEN What?’.

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